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I specialize in creating meaningful, well-designed experiences in a simple, significant way.
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Here are a few examples of work that I've done for select clients.

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More case studies coming soon. Until then, you can view additional examples of my work on Dribbble.

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About Vince

Design strategist, UX leader, and digital storyteller.

As VP of Design at Brightfind, I currently lead a skilled, fully-remote team of Designers and UX Researchers to create innovative digital experiences, smart design systems, and successful brand strategies.

My time spent teaching in classroom environments has translated into a love of guiding teams through engaging design discovery sessions, with the ultimate goal of fostering creativity and collaboration.

Finally, I bridge the gap between design and development, helping to integrate front-end code and frameworks to make design beautifully interactive, usable, and accessible.

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"Make it simple, but significant."

Okay, so that's a quote from Don Draper ("Mad Men"), but it nicely sums up my approach to design.


The most important part of any project: understand the problem, learn the audience, and begin forming a design solution.


With a clear understanding of what's needed (and who needs it), creatively determine how to achieve the design objective.


Once a design direction is established, "design all the way to the end"; continue to iterate and refine the design until it meets the objective, and feels right.


Create an organized, detailed design system, and for interactive projects, build using modern, performant methods.